Добредојдовте во рудник Боров Дол

About us

Borov Dol is a modern mine for surface exploitation of copper ore, the successor of the 40- year-old Bucim mine, which enables the continuation of copper ore mining, the operation of production units in Bucim, the preservation of jobs and the creation of new job opportunities for the residents of the local municipalities Konche, Shtip and Radovish.

It started production in 2021 and annually mines over 4,500,000 tons of copper ore, which contains copper and gold. With 300 direct employees, it is one of the largest local employers that contributes to the sustainable economic and social development of the region.

Borov Dol contains prospective reserves of about 62 million tons of ore with 0.25% copper and 0.19 g/t gold.

Copper ore exploitation activities are carried out in the Borov Dol mine. To minimize environmental impact, it uses Bucim's existing ore processing and storage facilities, and the crushed ore is transported via a 7 km long covered conveyor belt.

За нас

Боров Дол е современ рудник за површинска експлоатација на бакарна руда, наследник на 40-годишниот рудник Бучим, со кој што се овозможува продолжување на ископ на бакарна руда, оперативност на производствените единици во Бучим, зачувување на работните места и создавање на нови можности за работа за жителите на локалните општини Конче, Штип и Радовиш.

Со производство отпочна во 2021година и годишно ископува над 4 500 000 тони бакарна руда, која содржи бакар и злато. Со 330 директно вработени е еден од најголемите работодавеци во регионот кој придонесува за одржливиот економски и социјален развој на регионот.

Боров Дол содржи докажани и проспективни резерви од околу 40 милиони тони руда со 0,26% бакар и 0,20 г/т злато.

Во рудникот Боров Дол се изведуваат активности за експлоатација на бакарна руда. За да се минимизира влијанието врз животната средина, ги користи веќе постоечките капацитети на Бучим за преработка и складирање на руда, а издробената руда се транспортира преку покриена транспортна трака долга 7 км.

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History is the witness of time.

The first geological observations and researches of the Borov Dol ore deposit, carried out in 1955, were the starting point for the further long-term extensive and complex geological research that took place continuously for 35 years (1965-1999). In 2011, based on the knowledge from the previous explorations of the Borov Dol ore deposit, Solway Investment Group started carrying out detailed geological surveys, which proved that the Borov Dol site is a copper ore deposit, which will undoubtedly allow the extension of the working life of Bucim mine at least until 2030.

Histroical Timeline


Responsible and safe operation is our basic driver in transforming natural mineral resources into prosperity and sustainability for the company and the entire environment. A clean, healthy and safe envirnonment is achieved through professional and motivated employees and the application of modern technology.


To create long-term value through the application of innovative technologies, highly professional standards and approaches to integrated and sustainable development.


Our values ​​represent the foundation of our operations and our growth and development. In everything we do, we are guided by corporate values, which derive directly from the principles, beliefs and vision of our parent company Solway Investment Group.

Long-term sustainable development is essential to our success, and a responsibility we all share. Social, economic and environmental performance is present in everything we do.

Through high professionalism and teamwork we create values ​​and opportunities that enable us and the local communities to grow and prosper together.

We strive to always be honest, ethical and responsible in our operations. Many years of successful work experience inspire confidence in our current performance and prospects for the future.

We conduct our activities with full transparency. We practice responsible and open business practices.

We are ready to face the challenges of the future. Our culture of constant innovation, passion for work and focus on achieving results have led to new ways of developing work processes.

Professionalism, courage and expertise guide our company. We endeavour to promote a culture that embraces challenging situations that require strong management capabilities and technological expertise. We create long-term value through the application of innovative technologies, highly professional standards and approaches to integrated and sustainable development.

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General Manager

Alexander Rakov

Alexander Rakov is a highly accomplished mining engineer renowned for his expertise in the technology and complex mechanization of surface mineral resource exploitation. With over 45 years of expirience in the mining industry, he has consistently led mines to achieve exceptional results.Alexander Rakov's journey in the mining sector began in 1978, marking the genesis of a remarkable career characterized by dedication and innovation.Over the decades, Alexander Rakov has amassed a wealth of experience that spans the globe. His leadership and insights have been instrumental in optimizing mining operations worldwide. Under his guidance, mines have consistently attained peak performance, setting industry standards and garnering recognition for their outstanding achievements.As of May 22, 2023, Alexander Rakov stands at the helm of two mining enterprises, Bucim and Borov Dol.

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Deputy Mangaer

Ivica Karapetrov

Ivica Karapetrov was born in Gevgelija in 1974. He graduated from the Financial University of the Government of the Russian Federation in 1996 where he later obtained a Master’s degree in economics.

He started his career at BMV Engineering in Moscow, Russia in 1996 and worked there until 1999 as finance director. Between 1999 and 2003, he was the head of department for corporate loans at the Export Import Banka AD Skopje bank; from 2003 to 2007 he was the deputy deneral Manager of the Arkada Makedonija Banka AD Skopje bank. Between 2007 and 2011, he was the General Manager of the private investment fund MAK ASSET Management.

Since 2006, he worked as an external financial consultant at the lead and zinc mine “SASA” Makedonska Kamenica. In 2015, he was appointed assistant general manager, and in 2016 he was appointed regional mine manager.

He joined the "Borov Dol" copper mine in January 2019 as the director of finance and administration, and from 2021 he holds the position of manager of DPTU "Borov Dol" DOOEL Radovish and director of finance and administration until June 2022. From November 2022, he continues to work in Borov Dol as deputy manager of the mine. In May 2023, he was appointed Deputy Manager of the Bucim and Borov Dol mines.


The Borov Dol mine is owned by the international mining and metals group Solway Investment Group. The main areas of expertise are investing in industrial projects, restarting production companies and developing Greenfield projects, by which they can positively affect both the production process of the project and the region in which it operates. Solway Investment Group, by expanding existing companies and opening new ones, affects the social development and economic growth of the regions where it operates, through investment in generalest-oriented projects, job creation and tax payments on local and state budgets.