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Environmental protection

Clean and green environment

Environmental protection is one of our top priorities throughout the life cycle of the mine. A healthy environment is crucial to our future, and the materials we produce are essential to human progress, so we are committed to producing them in a sustainable and responsible way.

Our construction and operational plans have been developed to ensure minimal environmental impact as well as to improve the ecological system. The mine is planned and prepared with a high degree of caution toward environmental protection. In our work process, through innovation and technologies, we have developed a way for the rational use of natural resources and maximum preservation of the environment. We put environmental management into practice, by providing modern and eco-friendly technologies for the performance of our activity and a sustainable future. The key investment focus is the construction of the covered conveyor belt, through which the crushed ore will be transferred to the already existing facilities of Bucim for storage and further processing. This modern engineering solution limits the spread of dust and
reduces air pollution to a minimum and ensures minimal impact on the environment.

Regular environmental monitoring plays a key role in determining the potential impact Borov Dol has on the environment. We monitor all aspects of the environment, such as groundwater, surface and wastewater, air quality, soil, biodiversity, noise and emission sources and regularly submit these reports to the competent environmental authority.

The priority areas of our environmental strategy include reducing the company’s negative impact on the environment, preserving natural ecological systems and the continuous development of environmental quality management. In carrying out our activities, we take steps to preserve the environment for current and future generations.